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Welcome to the Homeless Solution. I know it is not normal for Homeless individuals to have a website. The creation of this website started off an idea I had. The aim is to get me and my husband off the streets. The thing is I didn’t want to do it by just asking people for money. See there is a proverb I grow up with that goes:

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1. Donations/ handouts.

2. To earn money by doing small takes/ odd jobs..

3. Long Term, getting business for my Independent Distributing Business.

In these three ways my husband and I can reach the goal of being financially stable.

If this works, to help us get off the streets, then I plan to use this to help other homeless couples get off the streets. The State of California does have shelters for couples, unless that couple has a child. In San Jose, Ca the shelters that take in males or females, are located in two different neighborhoods. Being homeless is hard enough, but being homeless as a couple is even harder. As a couple it is hard to plan the next steps if you're separated. The emotional part of being homeless can also hit hard when your other half is not with you.

This is why this website was created, because my husband and I don't want to have to split up. It would hurt emotionally, and he would worry about my safety all the time. I personally have had some difficulties with people mistaking me for a "Skinhead" or "Racist" There have been threats to my life, and I've had a few times where threats turned into scary moments. This has always been when I'm on my own, or people think I am on my own. My husband has seen it happen before, and quickly stepped into to keep me safe.

Even someone that doesn't have my current condition is still in some danger. Lets face it there is safety in numbers, this is why they say meet a stranger in a well lit public place. This keeps both parties safe if one turns out to be some dangerous criminal. That and no couple wants to be without their love.

So please if you come to this site, pass it on to others, help make this site noticed. For not only our sack but for the future of other homeless couples.

Who Are the Garber's

Michael and Elizabeth Garber are a married couple living in San Jose, Ca. Toward the end of 2010 they fell into a string of bad luck that has finally landed them in a homeless situation. When you first meet these two individuals there is a kind of shield that closes them off. Though when you make an effort to get past that shield you realize that it is just a defense mechanism they put up. The true people behind the shield are kind individuals with kind hearts. They can be very social, or distant depending how far a person wants to go. Now this couple can be found on VTA's bus 22 during the night.

Elizabeth Garber age 30, has an autoimmune disorder called Alopecia Universalis, which makes her completely bald. The baldness is caused because the proteins that make up the hair is being attacked by her immune system. Where this is not a life threatening condition it does have its drawbacks. Learn more about this condition by going to NAAF.org. Elizabeth despite having no hair, is still a very nice woman, who loves to cook, do crafts, swim, and is working hard to get her Independent Distributing Business successful. Her best personal qualities are that she's a good listener and really likes to help others. Her best professional qualities are her out of the box thinking and her phone skills.
Michael Garber age 26, and comes across as a bodyguard, based on how he looks. This can be very off putting unless you're an owner of a nightclub and you need an effective bouncer. This however should not keep you from getting to know him, when he is in a talking mood, he is very smart. He has a thing for computers, and has knowledge about how to help make a computer run a bit smoother. He says he can’t really fix one, but he can try and help by looking it over. Michael loves to play games, read about things, and loves his wife very much. His best personal qualities are grammar, and ability to say “I don’t know.” His best professional qualities are he’s a fast learner and a hard worker.