Welcome to my Craft Page,

The pictures are past crafts and are examples of what can be made. If you want to order a craft please refer to this page where you can fill out a quick form. Please remember that I'm making all orders from scratch and will need time. I do ask for your patients and welcome you to visit the Crafts Order Progress page to see where your order stands. As soon as I begin your order you will see the progress bars moving up daily. If there are any delays you'll be able to see why, however you will be notified of any delays by email. I hope you see something you like and will order from me soon.

Craft for Sale

Guardian Angel

This beautiful Guardian Angel is one of a kind personalized craft, Personalize hair color, skin color, dress color, and can have ornament in hand such as a bead like this train bead click here, or similar sized memento provided by customer.

Here are some other Angel Styles


Book Worm Bookmark

This silly little worm will keep your place when you're not reading, will stay above your book while you reading. The areas that can be changed are the color of book and the color of the ribbon.

Music Keyboard Ornament

This keyboard Ornament would be great for anyone one with a love that loves making music. Talk to me about personalizing the colors and I'll let you know what can be done.

Male Guardian Angel

This cutie was a test to see if I could make a Male Guardian Angel out of the Female. The fact that he appears on this site today says he's been approved to be another project that I'm proud to sell.
AppleJack Cutie Mark Coaster

For anyone that watches "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" I'm working on a coaster set, At this time I've only got AppleJack's done, I am working on FlutterShy and hope to have her's really soon, The only thing I'm missing to complete her's is the right colored yard and a good looking pattern.
Holiday Coasters

The beginning of the Holiday Coasters, as the holidays go by I will be posting the coasters.

Next Holiday: Valentine's Day!