Contact Information

Please if you can help or need to contact us you can do it via email at: [email protected]

Place To Live/Stay

This goes out to anyone in the Santa Clara County or even just San Jose, Cal; who have a spare room, large living room, R.V., Backyard, empty shed, spot in garage, or just some extra space where my husband and I can sleep. We would like to have a back up plan or alternative to staying on bus 22, if going to the EHC shelter doesn't produce results for a night. As you maybe aware the winter shelters are open and the easiest one for Michael and I to get to is EHC, as of December 2, 2013 they have opened up 50 beds. The problem is the way they figure out who gets the beds is through a lotto system, this is where we put our Santa Clara County Continuum of Care card into a big container and they pull out 50 names. This means there is no guarantee that a bed will be available every night. Also at the moment all the programs that don't require a special request to get into are full.

Earn Money

We are looking for work and putting applications in every where hiring, the only thing is putting an application is no way to instantly become employed. There are so many people still trying to get back on their feet and find work, so many people and still not enough positions opening up quick enough to cover everyone. So this is why we are also asking anyone to help us out by giving us an odd job. We are willing to help clean, cook, do dishes, do laundry, yard work, or computer research. I am willing to do clothing mending, to teach clothing mending, help with craft projects, help design a website, build a website, teach spread sheet, and do other office work. My husband is good with computers, if you need help see what he can help you with. If you are not in the San Jose Cal. Area but still would like to hire us for an odd job contact us to see what things we are willing to do via web. See above for our email, we would love to hear from you.

Business Cards

Let me save you some money by showing you how you can design and print your own business card. Card printing companies can cost you more money then doing it yourself. We can get together by Phone, Webcam, or in person depending on your location. My price is $5 dollars for every 15 minutes if it takes us an hour $15. I will show you how easy it is to make the business cards YOU want. So lets look at it this way, if you have a printer you already have ink, business card stock can be found at any place that sells office supplies. For roughly $13 dollars you can get a pack of 20 sheets each sheet gives you 10 cards. Your looking at least $18 dollars with my help you, you get to design your business cards and then from there your cost is $13 dollars every time you need more business card stock. You can't go wrong, that and you can print off only what you need. No need to worry about storing a set of already made cards. That and if you move, change your number, email, or business name. You'll be throwing less cards away then say going to a professional and buying 250 cards or more. Plus changing your information is easy and right at your finger tips. Compare for yourself, and think what happens if my information changes.

Crafts For SALE

I make and sell crafts, right now my biggest seller is my Guardian Angels, I have other crafts that I'm willing to make and sell for anyone that wants them. Each time I make something new I post it to this site with a little information about them. Some of the crafts I don't have prices for, however for the crafts that do it is because I've sold them at that price before. You can see all the crafts I work on by going to my Craft page. I also have a page for anyone that has ordered a craft from me and would like to know the status of there order. You can view this page by going to Craft Order Progress. To make an order for a craft see my Crafts page for details on how to order. Or how to contact me if you have any questions.

Last Resort: Donations

Where we would rather have a job to earn our money, we will take handouts, any amount will do, so throw your pennies our way. Although maybe you would like to buying a craft instead. I love making crafts and would love to see them find homes with people that will appreciate them.