Penny Earning Sites

The sites listed below I’ve used for years. My experience with them has been a very positive one. I have had the opportunity to collect my earnings with each one of them once or twice in the past, had had no issues doing it. A few of them have multiple ways of earning the pennies that can add up quickly depending on what you do and how often you do them. Don’t look at it as how long it takes; rather view it as this is a future investment. Like all investments it does take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now some of the sites offer payment via paypal, others will over both, and a few will just offer getting a check by mail. Although as far as I’m concerned it's worth the time it will take to work the sites.

Payment Gotten

Mylikes payment made Jan. 17,2014 in the amount of $2.19, there was no problems getting this sent to my paypal account. Sent and reserved same day, and I'm looking forward to more! The only thing you have to realize is that Moore is my maiden name. I'll be changing that as soon as I can get the right papers gathered.
I'm not earning pennies for from this site, however it is a great place to go if you want to get noticed on the web. Free Web Directory

Special Thanks

I would like to give a special shout out to the following people that hired me or my husband to do a job. Or helped us earn money in some way.

Linda - Thank you for hiring me to do your laundry, for the last few weeks.
RJ - Seeing that I was safe while my husband was in Oregon, as well as making sure that I had what I needed to keep warm at night. As well as all the other things he did.
Robert Garber - For helping us keep month passes for the bus, paying for our phones service, and giving us a little money when we needed it.

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Some of the stories on this site are the same as on the other one, however most of the recipes are new, and have pictures. Try out my recipes and tell me what if you liked how it came out for you!

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This is the place where I post all my opinions on just about everything. It is also where I post everything from Come see what one of MyLikes Publishers would be doing.